Ways to earn online in 2021

ways to earn online in 2021

Ways to earn money online in 2021 Everyone wants to earn money and why not. Money can not always keep you happy but it can provide a better life to you and your family and can keep your table full of food forever. There are many ways to earn money online of offline its all depend on you how you want to make it.

Here in this article I am going to tell you about all the ways to earn earn money online in 2021 that still working for me and even increasing the potential.


In Freelancing you offer services for an agreed period of time in return for a fee. As Freelancer you are totally free to work whenever you want of for whomever you want and also free to work on as many projects as you want or can handle at the same time. Simply a Freelancer is an individual who performs services for a fee, whether that’s hourly, per word, or per project. In other words, freelancers trade time for money.

As a freelancer, you need to have skills people are willing to pay for. You can get creative here! So many people think they don’t have the experience to become a freelancer, but I challenge you to review your history.

Most content writing freelancers start out this way, although, it is important to check your full-time job contract and see if you can actually freelance, legally.
Freelance Business Owners: They are the people who treat freelancing as a full-blown business and made it one of the best ways to earn money online in 2021.

The advantages and disadvantages of freelancing Ways to earn money online in 2021

Freelance Advantages (Pros)

  • Lot more freedom of choice than a regular desk job
  • Sufficient work-life balance when you are a freelancer
  • Getting to be your own boss/entrepreneur
  • Charging as per the work that you put in
  • You usually work from home and do not have to commute & no office politics
  • More flexibility than a regular job

Freelance Disadvantages (Cons)

  • Lack of job stability and periods of time where you may get no work
  • Working round the clock to meet deadlines Apart from your work, you also need to invest time in administrative responsibilities like marketing yourself, following up on your payments and chasing clients
  • Working from home, it can get lonely minimum interaction with coworkers which can lead to you feeling isolated
  • Your income depends on the workload. So you cannot take too many off days.
  • Foregoing benefits like a PF, health insurance and paid holidays.


If you are getting some work, don’t hold back. Do read more about freelancing.

2) BLOGGING – The Ways to earn money online in 2021

If you know how to write and like sharing information and If you are passionate about something then you can start a blog. Make a website, pick a category, and you are good to go! and blogging always been the best best ways to earn money online in 2021.

In start it won’t be that easy for you to generate income from your newly made blog but if you keep doing it and create good content with consistency then you can turn your blog into a passive income.

If you are passionate about something, for example, smartphones, books, etc., then you can start a blog. Make a website, pick a category, and you are good to go!

Well, I wish it was that easy. For your blog to make some money, you need to post articles consistently. Know your audience. Write about things that matter to them.

Keep your website smooth and appealing. Once you can attract a decent amount of traffic to your website, there is no looking back! You can earn from multiple sources like ads, affiliate marketing, promotion, and many more.

Learn how you can make money from BLOGGING

Blogging Platforms

How to find most suitable blogging platform

Blogging Advantages (Pros)

  • Can Earn Your Passive Income
  • Can help you generate visitors for your website
  • Gain influence
  • Can help you establishing yourself as an expert in your field
  • Help others

Blogging Disadvantages (Cons)

  • It takes time – Yes, you need to give some thought and plan out what you are going to blog about. The good news though is that the more you do it, the easier it will become. Start writing!
  • Risk having no one see your content – What? Although good quality content is key, you need to drive traffic to your site so people know there is a blog to read. If you’re active on social media you may share it there but again, you’re limited by how many followers you have. Here’s some great news! There is a new concept in online marketing that involves working with other businesses so that everyone leverages all of their social media connections in order to reach a broader audience. Want more information? Click on the ‘Talk to Me’ button below and reach out. I’d love to hear from you and your thoughts or visit me here.
  • Have to create good content – Poorly written content can reflect badly on your brand. Put some thought into what you blog about and ensure your work has been edited and reviewed.
  • Have to post consistently – If you decide to blog, make sure you do it consistently. Imagine how it would look to people visiting your site and your blog is over a year old. An old blog is worse than no blog!!

You will need these skill to earn 6 figure income from you blog

3) AFFILIATE MARKETING – The Ways to earn money online in 2021

Affiliate marketing is not a new thing it is been there since a long time and so many people made, still making and will keep making a lot of money from affiliate marketing that’s why affiliate marketing is on number 3 in our list of ways to earn money online in 2021.
If you have a blog or a youtube channel or maybe you are good at podcasts then Affiliate marketing is a genuine way of making money online with little or no investment.

All you need to do is promote a product, and and every sale from your affiliate link will get you commission as long as the link is getting traffic, Sounds cool, right! What makes things even more exciting is that these programs are free to join. All you need is to sign up, and you are good to go!

Here you can learn everything about affiliate marketing for FREE


  • It’s passive income
  • It has very low start-up costs
  • It (can be) recurring income
  • You can create multiple streams of income
  • It’s mutually beneficial
  • It helps your readers
  • You don’t have to be an “expert”
  • You can make money with it doing what you love
  • You can sell more of your own products with it

AFFILIATE MARKETING Disadvantages (Cons)

  • You don’t control affiliate marketing programs
  • You don’t control your competition
  • You can’t establish your customer base
  • No guarantee of revenue
  • It’s possible to hijack affiliate links

See how I made my first income from affiliate marketing

Some big affiliate companies

This is how I find affiliate companies in my niche

4) CONSULTANT – The Ways to earn money online in 2021

To work as a consultant you need to have excellent core competency skills and need to be qualified to be a consultant. If you are a student and know a lot about fitness and health products, then you can be a fitness consultant.

Skill is always the first step in the world of consultancy and then you will need a portfolio and some connection which you can find anywhere or can make connection on linkedin just like me ( This is how I find my clients on Linkedin ). People consult an expert of their opinion. So you need to be an expert and trust me it is not as challenging as it sounds.

If you are passonate about something or have interest in anything niche/topic then practice and learning everyday will be a real fun for you and you will have more knowledge about your topic than an average man.

Read something about it every day, and in a few weeks, you will be ready to go.

Success formula for becoming successful as a consultant

Advantages of being a Consultant (Pros)

  • Flexibility
  • Using your problem solving skills daily
  • Every day is different
  • Continuous learning
  • Big growth opportunities
  • No specific degree needed
  • Exposure to a wide variety of clients
  • Fun networking events

Disadvantages of being a Consultant

  • There can be a lot of turnover.
  • There are many early career schedule sacrifices.
  • Individuality is not always encouraged.
  • Let’s not forget about the pressure.
  • You might not find clients easily

5) VLOGGING – The Ways to earn money online in 2021

If you love travelling or enjoy being on camera then making your videos can make you a star influencer in no time all you need to do is find a topic and keep making videos about it. Though sometimes it might take some longer then usual time to start earning from youtube or any other video platform but as soon as you will get some audience you will start earning good amount of money as passive income.

This is how i have grow my instagram account using videos

Youtube is biggest platform for earning from videos and there are a few categories that have achieved success on Youtube. People like to watch funny and entertaining content. So you can start a comedy Youtube channel.

I recommend reading this article on where to get 1000 free Youtube subscribers.

Advantages of VLOGGING (Pros)

  • Builds trust with your audience
  • Gives you something to look back at
  • Keeps you creative
  • Builds relationships
  • Demonstrates your knowledge or expertise
  • Connecting with people

Disdvantages of VLOGGING (Cons)

  • Takes too much time.
  • Shortness of ideas
  • Almost no money for sometimes
  • Video quality maters
  • Needs editing expertise

This is how i started and made my first income on youtube

6) ONLINE TEACHING – The Ways to earn money online in 2021

Online teaching is one of the fastest growing way to earn money online around the world , all you need is to choose the topic or subject that you are good with. It can be any subject or topic from general knowledge to rocket science. There are various platforms where you can interact with students.

It is a great platform to sell your course. It is one of the biggest online learning platforms, with over 24 million students. So if you have any skills like Finance, Digital Marketing, Data Analytics, Video Editing, etc. just register yourself on Udemy and start earning.

Italki is only for online language learning. So if you are proficient in any language, it is an excellent platform for you, with a student base of 3 million. You can reach an audience of local and international students.

Vedantu is an online tutoring website in India. It provides you with a stage to teach any subject like Math, Biology, Chemistry, Sanskrit, etc. You can tutor students of any class, depending on your knowledge and potential.

This website claims that if you work here for 4hr/day, then you can easily earn a minimum of $300. People who are working full time are making up to $1000.

Advantages of ONLINE TEACHING (Pros)

  • Increased flexibility of time:
  • Increased flexibility of location.
  • Context.
  • Information sharing.
  • Online resources.
  • Diverse and enriching experience.
  • Access, equity & disability.
  • Digital information literacy.

Disadvantages of ONLINE TEACHING (Cons)

  • Online student feedback is limited.
  • E-Learning can cause social Isolation.
  • E-Learning requires strong self-motivation and time management skills.
  • Lack of communicational skill development in online students.


The importance of social media is increasing day by day and it is already a very important part of every business. Many businesses need social media experts and influencer because they can help them gain exposure and sales using their social media expertise. You can make a lot of money from social media either by gaining expertise in handling social media or by gaining good amount of followers on social media.

This is how i have grown my instagram from 0 to 12000 organically and FREE

Advantages of Social Media Work (Pros)

  • Can build your brand
  • Its always your free traffic
  • Can earn as you grow
  • No fee for using social media

Disadvantages of Social Media Work (Cons)

  • Have to stay ready for negative response
  • Need you to spend a lot of time
  • Results takes time

The tools I am using to make my social media automate


The demand for Virtual Assistants is increasing rapidly, especially for entrepreneurs and small businesses. It is exactly like having an assistant, just over the web. You will have to do all the work of a Personal Assistant. This will include making phone calls, responding to emails, scheduling appointments, blog management, proofreading, etc.

All you need is some necessary core skills like good English, decent writing skills,and some elementary computer skills. You can list yourself for the jobs of a virtual assistant over freelancing sites.


  • Freedom
  • Work from home
  • Choose who I work with
  • Set my own rates
  • Do work I enjoy
  • Costs of starting a virtual assistant business were minimal

Disadvantages of VIRTUAL ASSISTANTSHIP (Cons)

  • Might not get paid at time
  • Sometimes to much work to do
  • No help
  • Have to work always alone
  • Got to be available according the clients business timings


What is Microwork? It is any type of small work such as writing hundred words on any topic, or creating an account on Gmail.

It can be good for those who gets bored quickly from doing the same type of work. To start working all you need to do is join any of micro work websites.

Some of these websites are Micro Workers, Mini Jobz, etc. Do some basic work and earn quick money!

Advantage of Microwork (Pros)

  • Different work everyday
  • Easy to do tasks
  • Quick money
  • No agreement or contract
  • Can be done from anywhere of any device

Disadvantage of Microwork (Cons)

  • Not easy to find a genuine site or client
  • Hard to find work
  • Limitation on any site related works


Stock market is one of best ways to earn money online but it does need a lots of research and knowledge of finance and companies. If you are interested in trading and investment, start by reading about the concepts of the stock market. You will need an investment of around 10,000 rupees to make some visible earnings.

Also, learn about the type of investments that you can make. Try to figure out whether you are in for a long run or a short run. Make your basics about investment clear. Let your money work for you.

Advantages of Stock Market Trading (Pros)

  • Quick money
  • Can make you super rich
  • Dividends can be earn like monthly income
  • Huge money making opportunity

Disadvantages of Stock Market Trading (Cons)

  • Need a lots of money to earn good profit
  • Demands a lot of research
  • Can lose all the money with a single wrong investment

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